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We are in the process of streamlining our solution as per NBA guidelines, so that our clientele stay ahead of the world, be it getting accreditation from regulatory bodies or even good scores for that matter.

12 Jul'15

ECM Suite – To be in accordance with NBA soon!

One of the primary concerns of colleges and top priority as well remains acquiring the necessary accreditation and certifications. Recognition is necessary to enhance their credibility as a quality education provider and giving them an edge over the others. The institutes get a grading under 4 different categories A, B, C and D and this determines the quality of the college and the education offered by it. Whenever students or their parents are looking out for admissions, they always search for the ones with higher grades. The higher the grading, better the quality of education and better the student’s career is what their idea is.

Hence, in order to enhance campus reputation, the institutions, sometimes end up spending a fortune towards getting good grades. Additionally, its not just NAAC, but other councils as well that the colleges need to be compliant with.

We at campus medicine always keep our client at the core and design the solutions around them. With ECM Suite, our clients need not worry about spending a fortune for the same. We are already in the process of outlining our solution in accordance to NBA and other regulatory bodies. Rest assured, your university never faces any hurdles in acquiring regulatory certifications and high scores here-on with ECM Suite.


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