We use cutting edge technology to execute ideas and create highly secure, scalable and high performance applications at genuine costs.

Data security of our clientele is top priority and we leave no stones unturned for it. Today, amidst all the debate surrounding open source technology and proprietary technology, we at CAMPUS MEDICINE are rather clear on our point of view. This is well depicted from the fact that ours is proprietary software and we endorse it. We believe that it is the ultimate technology at present, specifically for handling engineering database that is humongous in size. It’s undoubtedly one up over open source in areas that matter most to engineering campuses. Here’s how proprietary technology wins over

  • High Adaptability

    Our solution is centered around specific needs of our clientele and hence it has an edge over the more generic open source platform.

  • Unlimited Storage

    An undoubted winner in this area, our platform is capable of managing colossal database, the kind engineering campuses handle.

  • 24 x 7 Support

    With open source, no one particularly is responsible, so you cannot simply call up at the 11th hour and ask for help. With us, we’re there for you all through, whenever, wherever.

  • High end Security

    Hacking, cracking and leakage proof data storage is what you get, with this platform. Of course, peace of mind is a big bonus coming alongside.

  • Auto Backup

    ECM Suite enables our clients to take data backup on a need to need basis, be it hourly or daily. Take our words, when we say – if ever there’s a situation and any data is lost, its bare minimum.

Obviously, we’re not free. Every good thing comes with a price tag, the best more so.