How We Engage

Our client centric approach enables us to deliver solutions that not only live up to the expectations of our clients but exceed them. This is how we engage.

Business Model

Our business model is designed to serve the requirements of both, small and medium college campuses to universities with a heterogeneous setup. With us, you choose from the best of both worlds viz, reliable, flexible, agile solutions and low upfront investment.

Whether you are a college or university, whether you need one time license or SaaS – we are a one stop solution for it all.

  • Licensed software

    Also known as enterprise software, it is installed on your server, making you the sole owner of it. Furthermore, being an in-house model it’s working is not internet dependent. It’s tailor made, hence easily adaptable and integrates with your existing software and hardware without hassles.

  • Hosted on Premise

    With on premise model, you have the ownership to your data and no security threats as such.

    High spots – Highly flexible | One time investment | Infinite ownership
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    With ‘SaaS’ or software as a service, the functions of a software are accessible remotely. As a web based service, the software is hosted on the cloud, nullifying the use of additional hardware setup, installation and few routine overheads as well. All you need to do is to download the application and run the software using internet. No need to invest heftily in purchasing hardware as well as software to run the application.

  • Hosted on the cloud

    A highly cost friendly model, it involves hosting on a remote cloud based server and the privilege of paying for the services on a usage basis. For campuses running on a tight budget, it’s an ideal hosting model.

    High spots – Low upfront investment | Faster-time-to-market| Low maintenance