How We Engage

Our client centric approach enables us to deliver solutions that not only live up to the expectations of our clients but exceed them. This is how we engage.


The hardest part of an idea is realizing it and implementation is all about that and more. At CAMPUS MEDICINE, implementation involves a meticulous procedure that initiates with requirement study on site. Our experts work hand in hand with your team until the software goes live. Thereon, we undertake maintenance services for one year, renewable on a yearly basis and infrastructure consultation services on a value added basis.

As far as solutions are concerned this is how we do, what we do best

  • Requirement study

    We ask questions, a lot of them, all but to make sure, we haven’t missed out on any requirement of our client, however big or small. We communicate continuously to understand the specific needs, evade creeps and resolve uncertainties if any. All this and more is done with one clear line of action viz. creating an application suite that hits the bulls eye.

  • Gap analysis

    Our solutions are derived on ‘need to need basis’ and not ‘one size fits all’ basis. A critical process, gap analysis helps highlight add-on requirements or errors in the earlier deliverable. The ultimate objective being, creating a blue print offering end to end solutions to meet comprehensive demands of the institution.

  • Customization

    While the core functions and workflow remain the same we do envisage minute deviations due to ecosystem differences, hence all our modules can be customized. Any need for tailor made workflow modules outside our service offerings can be plugged by our dedicated design and development team.

  • Commissioning

    This process involves installation of the ECM Suite, integration with existing applications and institutional website. Pilot testing is repeatedly done to ascertain complex data handling, information traceability without any loops in the process or feature creeps. All this for a hassle free ‘go live’.

  • Go live

    How critical this process is for us might as well be understood when we say – going live is like delivering the baby. We have a defined checklist made well in advance for problem solving, so that when the solution is live – its offers peerless performance & ensures client satisfaction.

Orientation & Training

On completion of the implementation process, starts the orientation and training program. For optimum use of ECM Suite and best results, training and orientation program is a big yes, failing to which the system’s performance degrades. It’s as simple as buying a car and not learning how to drive it.

At CAMPUS MEDICINE, our experts devise effective orientation programs for management and training sessions for the remaining stakeholders – educating them with each and every aspect of the software, ultimately empowering them to extract optimum output from the product.

Annual Maintenance

Quick and prompt after support is one of our unique selling propositions – it has made us, what we are today. With ECM Suite, we offer 24 x 7 help desk support and scoped on-site support, rest assured your issues are resolved at speed. Our annual maintenance cycle rotates on a yearly basis and includes bug fixes (if any) as well as regular software and hardware upgrades. In a nutshell, you can count on us, blindly so.