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We proudly announce the launch of ‘Engineering Campus Management (ECM)’ suite – the proactive ERP solution for engineering campuses worldwide.

11 Jul'15

Now, Launching ECM Suite!

Present day, there is a continuous influx of students and new colleges in the engineering education sector. To steer this ever growing volume, streamlining of processes and management of campus resources becomes highly imperative.

We at Campus medicine have been there and done that, empowering medical campuses with tailor-made ERP solutions, for over half a decade. Foraying into the engineering ecosystem and keeping their specific needs in mind, we present ‘Engineering Campus Management (ECM)’ Suite- the proactive ERP solution for managing engineering campuses worldwide. ECM Suite, as a centralized automated web-based solution, systemizes the work processes and optimizes the available resources, thus enhancing productivity, ensuring efficacious time management and propelling the campuses northward.

The ECM Suite is a set of applications that have been designed to streamline the entire functioning of engineering campuses.

  • Admissions Module

    The admission process is one of the most crucial processes of a campus and campus medicine has ensured that a comprehensive module is created to handle the tip to toe of admissions, right from pre-admission counseling to comprehensive fees management. The modules include fees management, hostel, scholarship, transport and mess management all integrated for simplification of the admissions process.

  • Academics Module

    Another significant module this automates the complete life cycle of the student from classroom, subject, timetable, faculty allocation & disciplinary records. It simplifies the hassles of assigning theory and practicals, faculty and more. For alumni it comes with features like discussion forums and donations.

  • Examination Module

    Handling the exams of such a mammoth student base isn’t that easy. But, with ECM Suite, scheduling examinations becomes simplified. What’s more, You can publish the results on the dashboards of students and their parents besides sending them SMS and email alerts for the same.

  • Support Module

    Support is an integral part of any institute and with ours, we ensure that communication is made simpler through our Web mail setup and SMS / Email modules created for the same.

  • Administration Module

    We at campus medicine are aware that for a smooth functioning campus, the administration has to be fully functional. You have a birds eye view of the complete setup in one single window. Manage faculty and employees as well as holidays, events and much more in hassle free way.

  • Management Information module

    With this database management module data storage and reports generation becomes extremely easy and guides you in decision making with benefits like faculty performance index, to name a few.

‘Engineering Campus Management (ECM) Suite ‘ module not only streamlines the entire campus functioning but also establishes a common and continuous platform between 4 stakeholders: management, faculty, students and parents.


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